Jan 24

The power of radio

Seems it’s possible to melt high temperature “microwave safe” glass… In a microwave.


New safety feature - Molten glass handle

You’ll notice the handle has melted. It was glowing red. The handle being the bit you take hold of so the boiling hot milk doesn’t burn your hands…


"Microwave Safe" hmmm


Wormhole opening in...3....2...1

Jan 23

That wasn’t a farce, honest.

The fridge died. We found a new one on Facebook for £35.

To fit it in the kitchen I had to unplug it. To unplug it the dishwasher needed moving.

To move the dishwasher I had to unplumb it. Doing that meant moving the washing machine.

Then the fridge was too wide, so I had to remove some of the kitchen counter.

But now it works and we have cold food again.


The old fridge





Jan 05

Is this because I got rid of my iPhone?


Apples.com? Apples? Really? Well I suppose it’s more believable than random domains.

Next on my to do list – make spamassassin work. Spam comes in waves it seems. Last week was adverts for ways to make parts of my body larger. I had so many that had I used them all, I’d be knocking the moon out the sky ;-)

Jan 04

Apple flavoured spam!


Not had an apple device for about 3 years now, I think they might be fake emails ;-)

Dec 06

Fix it again, Tuesday

You know the popular opinion about French cars and “I hope you didn’t get one built on a Friday”. Well, I like to think that ethos is also applied to their entire car companies. Read the rest of this entry »

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